Back to school often means going to bed early and rising with the sun, but around here, nighttime is the right time for fishing.  Since it’s been so hot with heat indexes into the 100’s, we have been waiting for the sun to go down to go fishing.

The tides have been very good in the late evening, and with it being so hot during the day, why not fish at night when it’s much cooler especially with fishing this hot? Night fishing in Pensacola means lots of big white trout and hard pulling ladyfish; we’ve even hooked up on some big bull reds.

Also, just 2 days ago we jumped a tarpon on a small jig on a trout rod; the tarpon was estimated to be around 80 –140 lbs. We got two good jumps before the monster spooled us, but that was a real adrenaline rush for my clients.

I’ve got a few more trips over the next two weeks and if this heat continues, then it’s night trips for sure. With the action we’re getting at night, these trips are really much more productive, and it is kind of nice getting to sleep in. If you prefer a day trip, don’t worry; the fish are still biting, but you have to go very early starting around 5:30 and get off the water around 10am. On these daytime trips I’m catching Spanish, ladyfish, and redfish, with a few trout mixed in. Most of the fish are being caught on artificials except we’re using live pinfish for the reds. On my night trips, 99% of the fish are being caught on artificials, which is always fun to fool a fish into striking a fake bait. Berkley Gulps on a ¼ – 1oz jig head is the bait of choice on the night trips.

Fishing has been outstanding this summer, so when you’re ready to have a great fishing adventure. give me a shout and I’ll do my best to get you hooked up on the Mega-Bite.

Tight Lines.
Capt. John